Doctor-Driven Solutions

Welcome to Modern Mammoth, a startup led by doctors and data scientists working together to find innovative solutions to everyday problems. We have a unique and diverse understanding of comparative anatomy, physiology, and medicine which gives us a broader base from which we can build and develop original ideas. We believe in our core technology, and its ability to be a platform for further product development.

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Advanced Solutions

Our core technology, Silent Mammoth nasal dilator, arose from our desire to improve our own breathing while doing the outdoor activities we love. As we developed it, we came to realize just how many other benefits there were-improved breathing while sleeping, better airflow while congested, and being able to run longer before getting winded were just a few. Plus, it looks cool!

The idea for HERO Mammoth started when one of our founders was responding to the devastating California wildfires in 2018. She saw her colleagues removing protective masks to communicate and avoid frightening the animals they were trying to help. 2020's COVID-19 pandemic added a sense of urgency to HERO's development. Our frontline workers-our heroes-needed additional protection, and an innovative approach. This is our answer.

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A new approach

Our team has been working in medicine and science for the past 14 years. In our respective fields, we have a long, proud list of accomplishments including publications in major journals and personal recognition amongst colleagues and peers.

We realized we had a lot to learn, and that a good idea and an excellent product was just the beginning of bringing Silent Mammoth to the public. Over the past year we have dedicated as much time into learning what we didn’t know as we did into product development. Moving forward, we plan to spend as much time and energy to champion our business and ensure we are on a path to success. 

We have patented our core technology, and have several provisional patents in progress. Initial testing has proceeded with excellent results, and we are currently looking for innovative ways to upscale production.



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