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Who We Are

We are a small group of doctors, data scientists, and engineers based in Northern California. In 2018 one of our founders, Dr Fournier, was exposed to a significant amount of wildfire smoke while volunteering at the Camp Fires. Like many other frontline workers, she found it necessary to remove her mask to effectively communicate with her team-which led to significant symptoms which dragged on for weeks.

Dr’s Fournier and Garcia began to compile research how to protect our community. The data shows that wildfires, pollution in general, and poor air quality are becoming more common. Our backgrounds in medicine, public health, and data analysis helped us to quickly recognize something new needed to be done. This experience led us to develop a nose-focused filter (ie, a nasal respirator) to help maintain protection while allowing the wearer to eat, drink, and communicate effectively. It attaches to our nasal dilator to help optimize airflow.

We just successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to allow us to begin mass production-helping more people to Breathe Easily, Breathe Safely. Our goal is to offer Silent and HERO for sale starting in May of 2021

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